Apr 19, 2011

Celestial Architect Spreadsheet 1.3.1

Version 1.3 provides several usability enhancements.

  • The albedo sheet is now easier to use and harder to mess up.
  • The chart will automatically calculate your star's color and type based on mass
  • Some comments were expanded or clarified
  • Items reorganized.
The major new feature is limited support for Binary Star systems.  The calculations assume that both stars are very close to each other (technically both in the same spot), since i haven't figured an elegant way to deal with all the possibilities, and effects they might have on insolation and orbit.

Also as suggested & advised in the comments the planet is calculated from the user entering the desired surface gravity instead of mass.

EDIT:  1.3 inaccurately calculated the planet's year.  1.3.1 replaces the equation, and i've tested it with several of our solar system's planets, and gotten the right results.  So, make sure you download to 1.3.1.