Oct 16, 2010

Making it Round

For now this is simply a link to a mini-tutorial i did on the Cartographer's Guild, but i now have an generally better way.





  • Basic Coastline
  • Making it Round (unfinished)
  • Climate Basics
  • High and low Pressure
  • Prevailing Winds
  • Surface Currents
  • Preliminary Precipitation  (optional)
  • Finalized Elevation and Coastline
  • ...

May 11, 2010

In Process

Here's a simple update.  I'm in the process of completing the next step: elevation.  In the process i've learned some new things, which i'll post about once i'm sure i'm done learning them, and once i've completed this step.

Here's what the elevation looks like at the moment.  Notice some parts are much more refined than others.  Click on the image for a rather large version.

Apr 2, 2010

Basic Geography

Finally, time for some more original content as well as nice pictures.

I've finally decided to stop tweaking the coastline can call it done. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

This Orb's coastline. Blue indicated approximate areas of permanent ice

Jan 11, 2010


What better way to signify that a someone is not on earth than to have them look up and see a different moon, or even more than one?

There are a couple ways the moon(s) will effect you planet besides making the night sky prettier.