Nov 12, 2009

Freebie: The colors of Gas Giants

Of the lifeless planets, gas giants, or jovians are the most beautiful.  So i've wondered --the extrasolar giants we've been discovering but haven't yet got a good look at-- do they look like the our tan and striped jovians, or are they different?

Apparently they've been able to infer some things about how they appear.  See this Extrasolar Visions page.  Scroll down to "Color, Albedo, and Temperature".

I may have to swap out the first planet in this Orb's solar system for a Jovian.  I think it would be a Class II, white water-cloud jovian.

At closest it would be ~0.2 AU away, as compared to Jupiter's closest 5.2 AU, so at closest to Orb it would appear to have about half the diameter that the Sun does from Earth— assuming it is as big as Jupiter.  That would be quite a cool sight.

a water cloud jovian from Extrasolar Visions, apparently with a life-bearing moon.

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