Oct 13, 2009

My Objectives for this Orb

For this project i will often follow the process & accept the outcome, weather expected or unexpected, but sometimes i'll fudge a little to get the results i want.  Since much of the process of even the most rigorous world-building is outrageous simplification, & bold guesstimation, there is a lot of wiggle room.  No doubt other world builders will choose to be loose where i will be strict, & consider factors that i don't understand or don't care about.  Though i am interested to hear about any mistakes i might make— especially before a lot of additional work is based on them.

This Orb is an out-of-the way planet in a sci-fi setting where some form(s) of FTL are possible.  Several waves of sapient explorers, refugees, conquers, & colonists have settled there.

The following are my objectives for this Orb.
  • While humans can live on it unaided, it is not as hospitable as Earth.
  • This Orb is not conducive to global communication and rule.
    • The oceans are completely separated by land, so it's impossible to sail round this Orb.
    • Mountains, rivers, currents & coast make it generally less convenient to cross a continent.
  • There is one location that is geographically destined to be the crossroads of the whole planet.
  • Some factors prevent the inhabitants from rebuilding a spacefaring civilization.

I'd recommend that aspiring world-builders jot down the traits that they want their new planet to have.  This will make it easier to navigate through the myriad possibilities in the following steps.

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