Oct 16, 2009

Life, but Not as We Know it

When i mention "life", or more specifically "earth-like life", i will generally mean the same thing: carbon-based life-forms.  It’s something built from organic chemicals using mostly carbon, hydrogen,oxygen, & nitrogen, and requires access liquid water.  In other words: “life as we know it”.

While i don't deny that other biochemistries might exist— things that breath chlorine, ammonia, or even something that no one has thought of—  i will mostly ignore these possibilities.
  1. Firstly, because i’m not a chemist and can’t evaluate how plausible different proposed biochemistries are.
  2. I believe it’s all just a slightly educated guess.  Scientists know a lot about earth life, but not what makes something alive—certainly not to the degree needed to know what other forms life could or couldn't take.
  3. Finally, it would simply be too complicated to take into account all theoretically plausible types of life, and all the different types of planets they could live on.

digital sketch of a random gas-giant dwelling alien
digital sketch of a random gas-giant dwelling alien

Feel free to devise life based on any biochemistry you want, just realize that any statements about life and habitability in this blog won’t apply to "life not as we know it".

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